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New Year’s speech of Protectwell


As the New Year begins, everything looks new and fresh. We just say good-by to 2015 and then move on smoothly. On this special occasion, Protectwell would like to extend our sincere New Year greetings to all of our colleagues and friends, who work hard with silent dedication and share everything with us. We wish you a happy New Year, happiness of the whole family and all the best!

In 2015, Protectwell finally see the rainbow after experiencing the strong wind and rain and we also successfully reach the shore after overcoming many great difficulties. We go beyond ourselves time after time and we complete the challenges over and over again. Even though the macro economy is increasingly severe, all of our branches and sales offices across the nation still can finish their tasks on time, which extremely satisfies our friends who pay much attention to Protectwell. At this most memorable moment, Protectwell would like to express our best sincerely respect to all of you!

We should have great ambitions and high aspirations and keep an open mind. In the New Year, there will be more challenges on our way forward. And for taking the challenges with a totally new attitude, Protectwell should keep a clear mind, emancipate our minds and have bold innovation!

2016 just around the corner, we are fully confident about our prospect. As the Chinese saying goes “Ride the wind and cleave the waves, and set sail to cross the sea”, to look forward the coming New Year, let us use enthusiasm, sobriety and wisdom to work and witness together our company to soar again!




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