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P200 Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • P200 Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • Specifications
    • Product Name:P200 Fire Alarm Control Panel
    • Product ID:P200
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  • Details
  • 1.Description

    P200 fire alarm control panel enjoys many intelligent features, for instance, for instance, drift compensation, sensitivity adjustment, self-optimized pre-alarm and maintenance warning to predict fire accurately.

    The standard configuration is listed as follows: one loop control unit for Protectwell’s 99 series products like detectors or modules. Each unit is equipped with 99 intelligent detectors and 99 intelligent input and output modules. If only accessed to detectors, 189 detectors are available.

    2. Characteristics

    Liquid Crystal Display

    Supreme man-machine interface

    Structural software design

    Considerate and convenient programming design

    Multiple matrix control output

    Accurate and detailed history records

    Sophisticated automatic compensation function

    Reliable self-diagnostic and protection function

    Auto login function

    Off-line programming

    Fire alarm immediate output of electric shock and delay output of electric shock




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