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PTW-6600 Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • PTW-6600 Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • Specifications
    • Product Name:PTW-6600 Fire Alarm Control Panel
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  • Details
  • 1. Description

    PTW-6600 Fire Alarm Control Panel is our newly invented intelligent control panel certified by GB4717-2005 and GB16806-2006.

    This control panel boasts many intelligent characteristics, for instance, drift compensation, sensitivity adjustment, self-optimized pre-alarm and off-line programming.

    Meanwhile, PTW-6600 is applicable for joint fire alarm operation and control, fire prevention broadcast, gas extinguish, forming into a comprehensive fire alarm control system via connection to CRT display terminal. It is a good choice for large-scale plants, factories, hotels, restaurants, airports, shopping malls, high-rise buildings and so forth.

    2. Characteristics

    Intelligent fire alarm control panel

    Minimum 2 loops and maximum 30 loops, 198 addressable units in a single loop

    Remote loop card installation with a maximum length of 1,500 meters

    Accurate fire detecting capacity 

    Automatic detector checking 

    Sensitivity adjustment

    Automatic drift compensation 

    Automatic trouble detection

    Smooth data handling

    320*240 LCD displaying eight events simultaneously in the screen

    A maximum of 64 floor display panel with a maximum length of 1,500 meters

    Eight multi-line control panels conforming to GB16806 standard

    Eight bus control panels 

    Module design enabling the system to run flexibly

    Micro Chinese-character printer

    1,000 linkage logic expressions for any joint operating and controlling requirements and delay output function 

    Chinese graphic display and management terminal for two-way communication. Text-graphics display program is compatible with Win2000 and WinXP, accurately unfolding the location of trouble or fire, detector information, floor plane figure and fire extinguishing measures.

    4,000 events recorded

    On-line programming via keyboards or off-line programming via PC

    Loop card and fire alarm programs remaining working when CPU breaking down 

    Network interface connected to control panels to form an exclusive fire prevention and control network- N-NET aimed for management, maintenance and expansion of systematic capacity

    N-CRT interface for perfect external connection or access to intelligent buildings 




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