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PMM-3P Interface Module for Ordinary Detector
  • PMM-3P Interface Module for Ordinary Detector
  • Specifications
    • Product Name:PMM-3P Interface Module for Ordinary Detector
    • Product ID:PMM-3P
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  • Details
  • 1. Description:

    An intelligent detector owns an independent location in the BUS. PMM-3P interface module serves quite well in wide areas like corridors or halls. PMM-3P, located in the BUS, is accessed to up to 25 ordinary detectors (10 detectors in parallel allowed by GBJ116-88 regulations).

    2. Characteristics:

    Compatible with bi-wiring detectors

    Status supervision of input circuits and external power supply

    High anti-interference ability

    SEMS bolts simplifying installation and maintenance

    Address setting: 1~159

    Built-in magnetic test switch

    LED endlessly flashing when alarm sound and flashing regularly in normal conditions




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