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Smart Home System
  • Smart Home System
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  • Protectwell’s Smart Home System

    Smart home, as residence-oriented, is aimed at creating energy-saving, comfortable, safe and environment-friendly living environment with integration of service and management via building, network communication, information appliances and devices automation. All sub-systematic elements work together to freely adjust the indoor environment by virtue of advanced computer technology, network communication technology, integrated wiring technology and wireless technology so as to help residents lead a more colorful and comfortable life.

    Due to the integration of telephone communication system, home networking management system, home digital theater system, whole home audio, door locks and access control system, intelligent lighting system and electrical apparatus control system, all light and home appliances can be under control by following intelligent control ways: touching buttons, timing management, remote telephone or remote computer. Therefore, you are ready to control your home, enjoying a digital and scientific life.

    1. Structure diagram (wired and wireless ways)

    2.Smart household devices including curtain, air-conditioner, lighting, loudspeaker and home appliances

    In terms of different needs, to control curtain, temperature, light and sound volume via touch screen or teleswitch with combination of access control and security protection functions.




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