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    • Product Name:JB-DB-PTW1000PLUS
    • Product ID:JB-DB-PTW1000PLUS
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  • Details
  • 1. Description

    JB-DB-PTW1000PLUS is the latest fire alarm control panel/ gas fire extinguish control panel whose design totally conforms to the pertinent national norms. It has a gas extinguishing zone, which implements dual functions- fire detection alarm and gas extinguishing. With unique LCD configuration menu, it operates conveniently and efficiently.

    JB-DB-PTW1000PLUS consists of several basic components, including control panel, LCD, LED, input and out control, with external 220V AC and two spare batteries.

    2. Characteristics

     20*4 character-type LCD   with backlight

     LED status light

     touch button

      sounder   for fire, trouble and spray signal

     light check and   sound elimination

      time   record of fire alarm, signal start and spray feedback

     time delay and count   down display

     time/date display

      unique   LCD configuration menu for easy operation

     13 groups of relay output

     receive external   start control signal

     999 events record


     remote-control   equipment for extinction using gas

     MODBUS interface card   compatible with fire prevention and control system

    compatible with conventional smoke or temperature   detectors, up to 20 detectors per loop




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